Glide Classic - Duplicate to create a Glide App

I want to create a Glide App (Desktop) based on the current Glide Classic (mobile).

I do not want to recreate all the Glide tables which appears to be what is required.

Do I create a new Gide App using the existing Google sheet and then manually link to the the Glide tables? I have about 8 different tables for every ‘table-name’ assuming this is because I have 8 different versions of the app.

FYI…if this (duplicating from Classic to Apps) is coming out soon from Gide, that would be very helpful.



If you don’t re-create the tables, then Glide won’t know how to rebuild your app. There hasn’t been any recent talk about migration from a classic app.

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I just duplicated my Classic App and duplicated the Google sheet. I selected the Google Sheet as the data source for the new Glide App (Large Screen). I went in and Linked all the Glide tables I needed but only Glide basic columns would ‘Link’. No computed columns.

I do not need the App recreated - I just need the data from the Classic app accessible in the new Glide App. I will use the new Glide App methodology since we are creating better Dashboards based on field data which is gathered in the Glide Classic app. Is Glide going to make the data (e.g. Computed Columns) accessible when moving/sharing from Classic to Apps?

The simplest process would be selecting ‘New App from Data’ in my Classic App

and getting this pop-up:

With the choice of “Duplicate Classic app” (current feature that duplicates the App as the starting point including App and Data) and “Duplicate data only” (Duplicates the Glide Data and keeps/copies the sheet and creates a ‘blank’ Glide App ready to go)

Isn’t that just a different way of saying “New App from data”?
The only difference is that New App from data makes an initial guess at a few screens - which are almost always wrong, and so it takes about 3 seconds to delete them and you have a “blank” App ready to go…

New App from Data created another Classic App. I had no option to create a Glide App. I wanted to create a New Glide App from Data; not a New Classic App. Not sure if that is even an option.

It appears there is no migration help when moving from Glide Classic to Glide Apps. Not for app or the data. Just a complete rewrite.

Are you sure about that?
That’s not what is supposed to happen. You should get a New App (not Classic).
Can you try it again to double-check?
If you do indeed get a Classic App, then something is broken.

Will try I’m the morning (PST). I will document the process to see if I am missing anything.

Who knew…


Did you know that “Duplicate” …


and “New App from Data” look exactly the same??


Sheesh…I do now!

Thanks for suggesting re-running the test. I now know I was mixing these up…

@Mark - you may want to change the label on ‘New App from Data’ popup so it is not exactly the same as ‘Duplicate’

PS… @Darren_Murphy - I get a Classic App when I ‘Duplicate’ and I get a Glide App when I ‘New App from Data’ although ‘New App…’ does not ask me if I want to build as Mobile versus Large Screen like “+ New App” does from the main dashboard which is what confused me. Does it make a difference in the builder (‘Mobile’ versus ‘Widescreen’)?

Yes, that’s what’s supposed to happen. You’ll also find that the “New App from data” option is only available with Classic Apps. It’s currently the only way to “convert” a Classic App to a new App - with a very loose definition of the word “convert” :wink:

No, not all all. The only impact that choice makes is the initial view that you get when the App opens in the builder. Well, maybe it might make a difference with the initial set of components you get. I’ve never bothered to check that, because the first thing I usually do is delete all components and screens so I can start with a blank state.


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