Converting classic apps to new Apps

Not a question just a comment. I was attracted by all the new integrations and embarked on converting one of my classic Apps into a new App. I hitched up the new App to the existing tables in full knowledge that the calculated columns would be lost and would need to be manually regenerated.

I must have spent 15hours laboriously recreating all the calculated columns. It is one boring monotonous job that can cause human errors to creep in. I am only halfway done… and of course I haven’t even touched the user interface yet.

I want to thank in advance any workers at Glide that are currently working on a solution to automate this task. It’s gruesome.

One interim idea that would help HUGELY would be to consider importing the shared table with the titles of the calculated columns in tact… even if the actual calculations would still need to be configured (via an edit column to configure each one in turn). This would be a very nice interim gift and make the duplication journey much easier.

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Are you aware of the “New App from data” option?

If you use that, you get all of your computed columns. You could have saved yourself a bunch of time :wink:


Oh God. Tell me this is not true. But hallelujah if true.

When was that introduced?! I thought I see most of the major announcements and last I heard was that Glide was working on the option to transform Classic apps. Is this an interim that brings the tables through in tact without the user interface?

Hmmm… I just tried to create a new app and waited patiently for the option to appear ‘New app from data’. But I didn’t see it… what’s the procedure for accessing that option please?

From your dashboard where you see all your apps.
On an existing classic app click on the three dots in the top right corner


Thank you!!

For idiots like me, maybe this needs to be an option when creating a new app using the standard method (clicking on the New Project plus sign).

It’s was not obvious to me that copying an App would not simply create another Classic app.

Tonight I will be drinking wine - Doh!

Anyway, Cheers Darren and Eric.

It’s been there since shortly after “Pages” were launched - maybe a year or more?

By the way, when you use it you’ll be offered a choice between “Copy the sheet” or “Keep same sheet”. Have a read of the below to understand the impact of each choice:


in this way appear new app with same dashboard, but all interface are gone. is there a way to keep interface too?

Unfortunately not, you will have to rebuild your screens and actions. Glide plans on offering a conversion tool sometime in the future where a classic app could be converted to a New App… screens and all.

I wouldn’t expect to see a final conversion tool until nearly all of the features from classic Apps are available in New Apps. If I had to guess it would be available by the end of year/ beginning of next… again it’s just a guess.

I’d recommend diving in and recreating your screens. It’s a great opportunity to learn. :nerd_face:


Where you show “New App from data” my menu shows Transfer to team???

Are you trying to convert a Classic App?

Where does it say “Classic App”? Under My Team it says Legacy Free

The app would clearly say ‘Classic’ of it was a classic app. If it doesn’t, then it’s already a New App.

PS. This has nothing to do with Legacy or New Team plans.

OK Thanks Jeff

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