Copying a Classic App Project that has linked source tables with another Glide adaptive webpage

Hi everyone. Mitch here with a question about copying apps that are connected to glide tables.

I currently have a classic app and separate adaptive page connected to the same source tables. In principle the classic app is used to enter data primarily, the webpage gives less functionality but overview charts and drill down visibility of that data.

It works well but I’ve a use case where I need to copy this entire functionality onto a new classic app (I know this is going obsolete but I’m sticking with it for now) and new webpage.

What is the best method to copy the first app and webpage where the glide tables will retain these links? I’m hesitating in moving forward so that I don’t end up in a pickle or affect the first app and webpage as these are now filling with data so I don’t want to affect things there.

The diagram here maybe shows what I’m after - If it is longwinded and manual then any guidance or tips will be appreciated.

Thanks Loads - Mitch!

So to be clear, you want duplicate apps as well as a duplicate database? Or your duplicate apps will share the same data as the original apps?

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Hi Jeff, I want the duplicated apps to have a totally new database. Completely separate from the original apps.

Thanks for clarifying.

hmm, but you want the copied pair of Apps to have a shared database, yes?

I don’t think there is an easy way to do this, without having to rebuild one of the Apps (at least the UI part). My suggested approach would be:

  • Start by duplicating the Classic App. Be sure to choose the “Copy Sheet” option.
  • From your copy, create a new App using the “New App from data” option. In this case, select the “Keep same Sheet” option.
  • Now you will have 2 Apps that have a shared (but independent) copy of the original database. You will just need to rebuild the UI on the last App.

Thanks Darren. Sounds like it’ll be a bit of a ball ache of a process to do.

Thinking of another way, is this a possibility. Copy both apps like you describe, but then changing the linked tables on the 2nd app. I know that this might mean renaming tables in the first instance as “all” of the new and old tables would appear in the list.

Is this something anyone has done - I’m just trying to save time on rebuilding the UI on App 2.

You could do that, but there would still be a bit of work involved. One thing to keep in mind is that when you link a Glide Table to an App, you only get non-computed columns. So for every table that you replace you’ll need to:

  • recreate and reconfigure all computed columns
  • reconfigure all associated actions
  • reconfigure all screen components

Depending on the complexity of the App, it could end up being more work than the approach that I described. The advantage of my approach is that in the second step you will get all computed columns, so that gives you a bit of a head start. The disadvantage of my approach is that the UI in the last App must be rebuilt from scratch.

I’ve not been through this exact process, but I have rebuilt several Classic Apps as new Apps, and it’s not too bad. It would be easier in your case, as you’ll have the original App to use as a reference. So it won’t be difficult, just a bit tedious.


Darren, thanks for pointing that out. Rebuilding all of the computed columns would be a heavier workload and I’d likely end up missing something.

The tools for the UI will make the config easier as you say but I’ll beat the tedium by doing it across a few sessions.

Appreciate the advise.


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