Copying of the linked apps or apps and pages and stay linked to same table

When we do one app for user and another(may be Pages) for admins and they uses same table, we need option to copying both apps or apps and pages and stay linked to same table between this two applications. It is a basic options for developers to develop applications for customers.
Because when we copying separately they became linked to different tables and we need to develop linked Pages again.
This means that we loose copy of the apps in our account. In our account just left unlinked pair of copy.
So, we need feature to copy two apps(who used same DB) and copy must stay used same db between the User and administrator apps)
“APP 1” - uses “table 1”
“Pages 1” - uses “table 1”
Copy of “APP1” - uses “copy of table1”
Copy of Pages 1 - uses “copy of table 1”

I was think this is basic feature when we prepare common “app” or “pages” and make a copy to transfer to buyers.
Nobody do like this way? Maybe i do some wrong?
Sorry for my English!

It should already work this way. When you select “Create Page using Data”, Glide gives you the choice to either keep the sheet or copy the sheet.

If you choose to keep it, you will get:
“APP 1” - uses “table 1”
“Copy of APP 1 (in Pages)” - uses “table 1”

Else you will get:
“APP 1” - uses “table 1”
“Copy of APP 1 (in Pages)” - uses “copy of table 1”

no, you absolutely dis understand my problem. i know about you told , but problem is different. please read carefully. yes i can set like you told, but copy of app1 will use copy of app1 and copy of page1 will use the copy off pages1 but it is necessary to keep copy of app1 uses copy of table1 and copy of pages1 uses the copy of table1. but it absolutely different you told about.
The choice “Keep same sheet” also wrong way, because i need new instance of pair apps and pages

it is greatest different

i don’t need to use previous tables, i need to keep new tables linked(uses same table)

anything thanks for your attentions

We probably just have a language barrier.

Your intent is to take an existing App that has already got Pages defined for it, and you want to duplicate both the App and the Pages, but continue to have the copied Apps and Pages linked to the same source as each other?

You have APP1 & PAGES1 using the same source tables.

Duplicate both

Now you want APP2 & PAGES2 to both use the duplicated source table that was created when you duplicated APP1 to APP2 (now called “copy of table1”).

Is that it?

In this way, you won’t have to define your Pages from scratch again.

Is this what you want?


Some bit no. My target is some bit different from simple template:
I have completely finished:
apps1(uses table1) and Pages1(uses table1).

Customer wants to by it. In this case i need to transfer to him this set:
a. copy of Apps1(uses copy of table1)
b. copy of Pages1(uses copy of table1)
The both: copy of Apps1 and copy of Pages1 must uses copy of Table1.
Original Apps1 and pages1 must left in my account.
This is what i need, but actually result is:
copy of Apps1 became uses copy of table1
copy of Pages1 became uses copy1 of table1 and i must again do with copy Pages1 to force them to use copy of tabe1(but actually not only linking table, many other things)

I don’t know why all post marked as solution. There no solution for this in this moment, that why i asked feature

Hi @David_Gabler,

I think you misunderstand what he is trying to achieve and maybe the language is a barrier. My English is quite good so I will try and explain what he is trying to achieve and I have already created a thread for the same problem before I could see this thread…

My project has a page and an App. The page is for office personnel and the App is a field App. This project 1 was created for a certain client and since this is my solution and I have full ownership of the intellectual property, I want to now start selling the same solution (Document tracking) to other clients. I dont want to start from scratch and what I need to do is to duplicate the “linked” project of the App & Pages. Remember that this is now a linked project of App and Pages, however when I duplicate, I can only duplicate each of the 2 parts separately and this is where the link gets lost because there are visibility conditions and actions also linked so even if I was to duplicate the App and try to create pages from the App data, it would mean that the visibility conditions would have to be done from scratch.
It would be so much easier if we could just duplicate the combo rather than each individual part because there is basically no easy way of re-linking the 2 projects once you have duplicated then separately.


Yes I eventually figured this out, but I don’t know how to achieve it either.

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If you have votes left, kindly vote on the feature request and as an Ambassador, you can raise it if possible in your meet-ups or discussions. :slight_smile:

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