Duplicating a page connected to a field App

Hey Gliders,

I am looking for ideas around this predicament. I have a company document tracking system that i have designed for one company. This system is made up of an admin platform (Pages) for office personnel and this is connected to a field App (Mobile App).
The system is working very well for the one client and now i am looking to duplicate this system and customize a few things for thenext client. What would be the best way to go about this keeping in mind that i cannot create an App from pages but rather pages from an App. My admin platform (Pages) is the bigger of the 2 systems in terms of complexity and UI designs.
I would love to hear what would be the less painful route.

I have already asked experts about the possibility of simultaneous copying of applications using shared tables and saving the connection in the copied pair. And everyone says with one voice that there is no such way, they advise writing such applications immediately in the client’s final account, which is ultimately wildly inconvenient. I have already created a topic about this function, but apparently, because of my English, no one understood my need, although I was sure that many people face this task.

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This is exactly what I need right now without having to rebuild either one of the Apps. It would help to some extent if we could build an App from Pages the same way that we seem to be able to build pages from Apps.
Let me just vote on the feature request for now.

I would still like to know what would the other guys do to counter this situation especially considering there is a template for a field App which I imagine would be connected to an admin interface…

Yes, I would be interested too!
And also, if you leave your voice in the thread dedicated to this request, then we will have a better chance that David will pay attention to it.

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