Mad idea: B2B standard Glide "BackOffice" template to customize

Hi, while templates are answering to some “vertical” use cases, many of our apps have the same “transversal” needs.

For instance:

  • on-boarding
  • community of users (sport teams, school, company…)
  • internal comments | (private) chat in the community or with external users
  • integration with whatsapp, slack…
  • sharing on social network
  • integration with stripe, paypal…
  • etc etc etc

Doing all this is easy for some Gliders (but not for beginners, and not always with latest practices) and time consuming for all.

:bulb: Would it be Relevant (and, if ‘yes’, Feasible) to build a macro template of “transversal” matters where we dis/activate what we need?

Advantage for Glide: still much easy to enroll beginners + probably more apps built.


AyS…templates used to be at no cost regardless of their complexity. Because they monetized templates you will be hard pressed to get Glide to make something of this nature that may hinder someone else’s ability to make money off of a similar product they offer at a fee. It is a great idea and I will be the first to push the community towards the non profit templates but I fear I am the only one that feels this way.

@david states that:

  • Glide is rather for B2B (vs B2C) → I totally agree, this is my focus
  • a large part of registered users looked at Glide without really using it → I have 10s of prototypes but did not dare proposing 1 to potential clients.


  • I came 3 times in 3 months before really starting to use: it is very quick to do a “private - forfun - gadget - app”. But when it comes to do something that we trust we can provide to a B2B, this is another story.
  • This other story starts with what I call the BackOffice * … which is relatively common to most B2Bs apps.

My view to “Boost Glide BuyIn” (for B2B makers ) would be to have:

  • a basic template app with pre-made BackOffice * elements
  • a 15 mn step-by-step video to adapt it.
    → makers would (1) get rid of the backoffice pain, (2) focus on the core of their idea (which is what they like).

Had I this, I would have used Glide the 1st time, and more important, would have probably proposed my different apps to prospects: fees for me & for Glide.

What I call Glide app’s BACKOFFICE for a B2B (non exhaustive)


  • user profile
  • company profile (+ not registered yet users to ease on-boarding)
  • internal stakeholders (employee per level, admin role …)
  • external stakeholders (clients, suppliers, partners)


  • on-board 1st user of a non existing company
  • on-board other in/external users of an existing company
  • notifications (whatsapp, slack etc)
  • sharing on social network
  • internal comments
  • internal private-public chats
  • payment

@Drearystate, if Glide does not have time / interest in this “buy-in lever”, what if we just started ourselves to build this template?
I am thousands of km away of your knowledge, but can share some 1st ideas with you in PM.