Poll: Next phase of Glide certifications 🗳️

Your response to the launch of our Glide certification has been overwhelming!

Our feeds are filled with people sharing their freshly-minted credentials.

We love to see it. Now we want to know…

What kind of certification should Glide release next?

  • Level 2 certification for general Glide use cases
  • Themed certifications for specific Glide use cases
  • Other (reply with details)
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Here’s what we’re considering:

A Level 2 certification would cover general Glide use cases at a more intermediate level, building on the fundamentals already covered in Level 1 certification.

Themed certifications would cover specific Glide use cases, like building AI-powered apps, building Glide apps for Operations, or working with certain data sources and integrations.

Don’t like either of these approaches? If you have a different idea, choose Other, and reply with details about what kind of certification you’d like to see offered next.

Thank you! :pray:


Level 2 deeper on the basics.
Level 3 start getting into specific-use cases.


I am excited for the themed certifications for specific Glide use cases, but assuming that it will still have level 3 and maybe on and on… i believe it make sense to do a general again for level 2.

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What will be the difference, when we get the level 2, 3 or 100

For now, it looks like a fun game but what would we get from this?

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You get the certification. :slight_smile:

Let me clarify the distinctions:

  • What sets apart a Level 1 certification from a Level 2 certification?
  • How does certification compare to having a vast portfolio?

Additionally, will certified individuals receive promotion on the Glide website, and does it come with any benefits in the affiliate program?

While certification is a great marketing concept for Glide, aside from the diploma, what other rewards can we expect for our efforts and for sharing our certification?

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The certification is the reward.

It’s evidence that you’ve proven your knowledge by completing the assessment.

If you don’t find it valuable, you don’t need to do it. :slight_smile:

For everyone else: The poll results point in a clear direction, so we’re going to close this thread. Thank you for taking part!