Stop adding empty data cells for multiple users


So I have successfully enabled multiple users to see only their own data when they login, but when a user adds something it adds an empty cell to all users, how do I rectify this?

Many thanks

I think we need more information in order to help you troubleshoot this. Can you explain how the data is being added, to which table, and provide a screen shot or two?

Thank you for the quick reply :slight_smile:

So a task is added, screen one and screen 2 is the data behind this, as I said when someone logs in they can add their own data and not see anyone else’s but they can see the empty cell that has been added to the sheet by another user logged in. Hope that helps? Please ignore the duplicate fields on the data sheet,

You shouldn’t be using user specific columns. You should be using Row Owners instead.

You will have to create new columns that are not user specific. Then add an Email column to hold the user’s email. You can automatically fill the email when they add a row by using an email special value component. Then you can apply row owners to that email column.


Ok can you advise how to do this and where?:slight_smile:

Include an email type column in your table and apply Row Owners to that column.
When a user adds a row, add their email address to that column using the Users Email address Special Value.

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