Comparing two lookup columns

Does Glide have the ability to compare two multiple relation columns? I need to check if the row values of one multiple relation column are contained in another multiple relation column?

Not as a direct column to column compare, but you could create a lookup column against the first relation, then use that lookup array to create your second relation. It will look for any match, so if one of the items from the first relation lookup is found in any of the items in the second relation, then it will return the row.


I described the task a little incorrectly. I need to compare the values from the first relation lookup with the second relation.

I need to find matches in lookup columns.

Doesn’t change my answer, but if it helps, create a template column in the related sheets that joins whatever value you are using for the relation, with the column value that you have in your existing lookup. Use that template as your lookup against the first relation. Then use that lookup to create your second relation.

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Thank you. I will try.

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I do not want to create a new topic, so I will ask in this one.
I have two lookup columns: one contains a list of objects where certain actions need to be performed and another that contains objects where actions have already been performed.
I need to get a list of objects where actions have NOT been performed yet.
Looks like a simple subtraction of the second column from the first, but I haven’t been able to solve this problem for 2 weeks now …

Hello Sir, Did that solution not work for you? surprised becz it’s quite effective.

  1. Are you using an inline list?
  2. Columns are on two sheets?
  3. Filtered by when relation is not empty?

Now everything works!
The problem was with the translation. The meaning was distorted and I did not fully understand what you are talking about.
Thank you for persistently imposing a good idea ))