Frequent Failures in capturing photos with Image Picker component

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Describe the bug:
I’m developing an app allowing user to capture photos when they reach a goal.
I’m using the Image Picker component by enabling both Camera and Photo roll.
The field where the photo is store belongs to a Table in synch with Airtable.
The issue is: When I try to take a picture with my Iphone IOS 17.1.2 it frequently fails (look at the attachment) and restarts the app.
On the other hand, when I upload a picture from my Photo roll,

it always work.

Expected behavior:
Captured Photos should be always successfully stored.

How to replicate:
Use the Image Picker component, storing the photo into a field belonging to a Table is in synch with Airtable.
Take picture with IOS 17.1.2

Link to demo recording (optional):

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For the sake of share. The above issue has been solved (thanks to @ThinhDinh ) by purging the browser cache in the smartphone.
Pay attention when you capture several images by means of your app, such leaks may happen.

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