Cannot upload a photo using image picker anymore - iPhone

Last night my Apps stopped allowing me to upload a photo from my iPhone using the image picker. Interestingly, I could upload using the option ‘take photo’. But I could not successfully upload using a saved photo from the photo library on the device. It allowed me to pick a photo and enter, but the usual uploading action does not happen.

I note that the image picker works as normal when using the Glide editor on my PC. It’s just on my device that it does not work.

I tried switching the destination from an image column that is user specific to a non-user specific column but this does not fix the issue.

I have a business plan and nowhere near my update limits. That said, I upgraded the plan yesterday from pro to business… could this be a coincidence? I have done quite a bit of programming yesterday and things were working ok… apart from a JSON column that was at first not automatically updating but that seems to be working now.

UPDATE: It was not working for the last 10 hours but is now working again… perhaps Glide fixed something in the back-end.

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