Why photos are not uploaded in my Table ? (Glide Pages)

Hello Gliders !

I’m trying to use an Image Picker inside a form but the behavior is a little bit weird.
When I try to upload an image already stored in my ipad, everything works fine. It seems that the image is hosted by Glide and stored in the right table/column.
But, when I try to take the picture with my Ipad or phone, the photo looks like it’s uploaded, but if I submit the form and check on the relevant row, the column is blank.

So to recap, the image picker works when I upload an image I already have in my device. But doesn’t work when I try take the photo with my Ipad.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong :slight_smile:

Here are a few screenshots:

Thank you so much !

I forgot to mention soemthing that might be important. Here is the form sequence:

  1. The user lands on the page that contains a form container with just a couple of fields
  2. The user is created in the base
  3. The User is redirected to the Edit page where he can continue editting the rest of the fields and Submit

The form contains many fields and I needed a way to have the user created quickly (for technical reasons related to Integromat/Make) that’s why I chose to do this way.

Note that I don’t have any issues with all the other fields…

Just curious…why is the Profile Photo column in your MyCandidates table a user specific column? Doesn’t each user have their own row in that table already, or are those rows shared by multiple users?

You pointed out the issue @Jeff_Hager thanks !
Actually I’m using Glide with Airtable and this field is a user specific column because it was directly created in Glide.
I tested with another field created in Airtable (not user specific) and the photo is now properly stored in the Image column.
It makes sense actually :slight_smile:

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Still seems like a bug that it wouldn’t store the image, but glad it’s working for you.

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