Uploading picture to airtable doesn't work

I’m trying to make a photo uploader from my app. to airtable.
it creates a new record in airtable but the image i pick is not uploaded to airtable. It seems to do something in attachment field but theres no picture at the end.
is it a known issue ?

When you upload an image to Glide, the image is stored in the Glide Cloud, and a link to the image is saved in your App table.

I’m not exactly sure how this translates to AirTable, but as Glide has no concept of an “attachment” field, what you might need to do is target the image upload at either a text field, or an image field (if AirTable has an image field type).

Thanks for your answer.
It’s really strange because on this video from glide it seems so straightforward

But in reality it doesn’t seem to work :upside_down_face:

Yes, it does.

Okay, well I’m not an AirTable user so anything else I say would be just random guesswork :slight_smile:

tagging @Robert_Petitto - he might be able to help you here.

Interesting…seems to be working for me. Here’s a video demonstrating it working (and breaking when messing with Airtable fields :sweat_smile:)


woah… you probably should get that on replay and report it?