Airtable field not writeable with Glide form?

Hey y’all - trying to create a wardrobe database with the ability to log an OOTD. I have it all figured out except for the part where I want to be able to add an image of the outfit of the day. I’m using Airtable as the data source and the attachment column is not selectable as an option to write an uploaded image to.

I filmed a video that shows the specific details here:

Help? :slight_smile:

I don’t use Airtable, so I’m not sure what others have done, but the issue is that the column you are trying to upload to is essentially an array column. Arrays can contain multiple values. An image picker can only upload to a column that holds a single value. Because of that, you are not given the option to upload to an array column.

If it were me, I would restructure the data a little bit and either provide multiple separate image columns to upload into, or have a separate image table where each image is on separate rows, and then create relations to that image table.


Your point totally makes sense, Jeff. I’m having trouble finding a way to write an image to Airtable in that the attachment field, which is the only option that seems relevant, doesn’t seem to have a way to restrict to just one image (which is honestly all I want!).

Maybe there’s a workaround where I upload an image, extract the URL, then write that as a URL or something but that seems wacky.

At second look, I had set a precedent in Airtable where one existing field had two photos. After taking them out, the problem is solved. You rock, @Jeff_Hager!!


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