Airtable image field not available to image picker

I’m building an app to display a series of products. Airtable has previously entered data.

The app’s tile view successfully displays the image; when I click on the image, the detail view also successfully displays the image. However, on the add/edit product screens, the image picker field was not included by default.

So, I added an image picker field, but then was not able to associate image field in my data with the image picker.

I emptied the image field in airtable, and was then able to associate the field with the image picker. But, as soon as I move the images back into the field (in airtable), the association is lost and the image picker fails to display.

This seems like a bug, but if it’s not, can someone help?


Can you record a Loom video with the supposed bug in action? Thanks a lot.

Also, is this Glide Apps or Glide Pages?

So, I figured out the issue as I was making the recording for you. Airtable allows for multiple images in a field, which some of my data has. Glide is interpreting that field as a list field, rather than an image field. Is there a way to get Glide to properly identify that field as an image field?


That is an array column, and I believe that is the default way Glide interprets it, I don’t think there’s a way to work around that.

I wish we can have an option to upload multiple images to an array column, but that’s not something we can do now. Only one at a time.

I found a workaround for now. Is this feature on the roadmap?

I’m not part of the Glide team, just a fellow user so can’t say anything on that front, sorry.

If you find a working workaround and don’t mind sharing, please do so in this thread so people coming later can get help. Thank you!