Image carousel with Airtable & Image picker not working anymore


since today, my working image carousel isn’t showing multiple images anymore. Just if i have a single one, it is showing.

What i use the app for:

i have two views. One as a customer and the other one as an admin.

a customer upload the photos and a admin has to review them. So i can’t just use the multiple images column to show the images.

My workflow:

  • a user upload some photos via the image picker and these photos are uploading into a Glide column → Multiple Images
  • after that, i have a Glide → Array to Set column, that hold the links of the previous uploaded images
  • the user submits the upload via a Button, that triggers a Zap in Zapier. This zap takes the links from the Glide → Array to set column and store them in an Attachment column in Airtable.

In Airtable, i can see the images as image again and the image component showed me a carousel of them. But since yesterday, this isn’t working anymore. The image component just show me an image, if in the Airtable attachment column is exactly 1 photo. If there are more, nothing shows up in Glide.

I noticed, that the attachment column i created in Airtable is shown as URL column in Glide. This also is new since yesterday. Before that, it was a non editable files column, like in airtable.

Why aren’t you just pointing the image component to the multiple images column. Fine if you also want a copy of the links stored in Airtable, but it you also have the original glide column, why not use it?

Sorry, i forgot to tell why i do this.

I have two views, one as a customer and the other one as an admin. If i use the multiple image column of glide, the admin can’t see the images because they are user specific

Got it. That’s an annoying side effect of using an external data source. I don’t know why they force user specific in that case. I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t technically allow for columns to be added to an Airtable table, but still live in Glide’s storage as a non user specific column.

If you use a glide table, the column would not be required to be user specific. If you have the option, I’d say create a Glide Table, at least to store the images, then use a relation column to link the original table to your images table.


Nice idea, but i noticed, you can’t chose a relation column for the source of an image component -.-

No, because a relation is a link to rows. Not specific columns. If you need a specific column from a relation, then you also need a Lookup or Single Value column that retrieves a specific column value from the relation.


I can confirm that the image component does work with a lookup.



yeah it does work.I tried it. But still no chance to do the carousel again. I don’t know why the Glide column changed from a Atatchment Field to a URL field. And every new attatchment column i create in airtable is also a url column in glide now.