Image upload from Glide to Airtable

Hey community,

I am working on my first app on glide using Airtable for data storage.

My question is how could I add the uploaded photos for an item (uploaded from a form by the user) could update the listing’s photo back to Airtable? Is it possible even with API?

Also, is it possible on the image picker element in the form to upload more than one image, I can select only one…


Yours sincerely,
Dimitris Goudis

When an image is uploaded to Glide, the image is added to Glide’s cloud storage and a link (URL) is written to the table column the image was added to. If that column is an Image type, Glide will show it as an image in the Data Editor, but it is still a URL. This URL should sync with AirTable, but I’m not sure how AirTable handles it.

No, Image columns in Glide can only store a single Image/URL, so the Image Picker only allows adding one image.


Thank you very much for your response very clear :slight_smile:

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