Photo Uploader (Multiple Inputs to One Column Creating New Rows)

Hi all.

So, we’ve created a photo uploader page that maps to seven “customer photo” columns next to the Shopify order of our customers in an Airtable.

I want to create a photo uploader that can write several images to the same column as new values each time, in a one-to-many relationship. But Glide puts this as an issue saying you cannot write images to the same column — it’s assuming I want all the photos to be in the same row, not to create new ones. Any way to do this?

It would also be necessary to have the photo write to multiple Airtable columns (order number, ID) that are associated with the order they’re uploading photos to.

Let me know if you need any more explanation – happy to give context. Thanks!

Firstly, gotta emphasize the fact that we can’t upload multiple photos at once, so you have to upload 1 by 1.

If you want images on another table, you can use a form to write them one by one to that table.

If you want 7 images on the same row, you can use 7 image pickers in a single form.

I know it’s not great, but that’s the limit for now.

Thanks. When I’ve tried to put 7 image pickers in a single form, it won’t let me write them all to the same column as unique values. That’s what we’re looking for – all images to write to one column as new values, and pull the customer ID with it, as opposed to making 7 columns for 7 image pickers.

Can you do that one-to-many relationship in Glide?

There’s no way to write 7 images to one column. I imagine the best way for you is to create a new table, but then you would have to upload images one-by-one, and do it 7 times.

Sort of like this:

Orders table: RowID - Customer ID - Order Info
Images table: Order ID - Image Link

Then you can relate the rowID from Orders to Order ID in Images. Does it work for you?


Thanks for continuing to work with me here. How do I relate the row ID of one table to a column in another table?

Hello, I would like to know if the solution you are looking for is something similar to this?

the list column has a collection of all uploaded images in a single row.

You submit the rowID alongside the image when you submit the form.

Add that as a special value in the form.

That could be one workaround, but ideally, we’d like each image to create a new row in the same table, not a batch of multiple photos in one row.

Thanks, @ThinhDinh. One additional question. How can the user upload more than one image to an image picker? I.e. How can the row automatically create a new row for each image, allowing the image picker to refresh and let them upload the next image?

It seems like that’s how they set it up here, as in their example table, different users have submitted several photos each to the same uploader, but I don’t see an explanation.

No, not possible.

I think you can have a custom form for that.

Have an image picker pointing to a user-specific column. Have a button to add a new row in the “Images” table, then clear the image picker user-specific column to prepare for the next entry. That way you can stay on the same screen.

Pretty sure it’s just the form here, they just submit it multiple times.