Uploading an image for every day of the year

I’m working on my first app (I’m totally new to Glide and I am learning the basics) and I need to upload a separate image for every day of the year. I think I’m doing this right, by creating an image column in a data table. Is there any way to upload all the images, or groups of images, rather than one at a time? It takes forever and is mind numbing. Also, because I’m still working on the appearance of the images, I’ll be needing to refresh them occasionally.

All help appreciated.

What you could do is make use of the Multiple Images column to upload all of your images in one shot, and then use a Single Value column to extract one for each day of the year.

Do it like this:

  • Start by adding a column to number all the rows in your table from 0-365 (see here for an easy way to do that).
  • Add a Multiple Images column and upload all of your images into that column using an Image Picker
  • Add a Single Value column that applies the Multiple Images column to all rows in your table.
  • Add a second Single Value column, and configure it to take “From Start → Row Number” from the first Single Value column
  • Each of the rows in your table should now contain a separate image

The only gotcha with the above is that if you have specific images for each day, then you would need to take care to add them in the correct order.


Looks like multi-image upload isn’t available on the free, build your first app tier. Is that right or am I just making another mistake?

Sorry, my bad. I had too many experimental apps created. Deleted them all and the problem went away,

Really appreciate the help. I’m struggling. I followed your instructions below. Using the image picker, all the images are the put in the image column first row. Using the single value column as you describe, I get a duplicate of that cell in every row of the svc. I get all the images in each row of the svc, not 1.

Where did I make a mistake?

I got it to work!! 2 single value columns. The first to copy the multiple pictures to every row and the second to work as you suggested, indexing thru the a adjacent image array.

Thanks for the bread crumbs!! Great clues.


oh, sorry - my bad. I forgot about that extra Single Value column. This is what can happen when you don’t actually test the solutions that you offer up :man_facepalming:
Glad you got it working, I’ll update my original reply so it doesn’t mislead anybody else.

Oh, thanks for the help. But as you said, the order of the pictures uploading same random and related to the order selected. Any ideas?

Yeah, I’m not sure about that. If the order of the images is important then it might not be the best solution :man_shrugging:

What happens if you load the images in smaller batches - say batches of 10? Does Glide keep them in the same order that you add them?

I tied that. Didn’t work. Unless of course the batch size is 1,ha ha


Actually, I just had an idea. It’s a bit fiddly, but it should work. The general idea is that you could take the list of image URLs that Glide generated, export then to something like a Google Sheet, re-arrange them, and then load them up again.

If that sounds like it might work for you, let me know and I can describe it in more detail.

Is the implication that Google sheets can contain images?

Images can be displayed in a Google Sheet, yes.

Although the idea I had was just to use the Google Sheet as a staging area.
That is, export the links that Glide generates, re-arrange them in the Google Sheet, then import them back into the Glide table.

I understand. I was wondering if I could just bulk load the Google sheet and avoid the export.

To do that you’d have to be storing your images elsewhere, which isn’t really recommended. It’s always better to store your images in Glide.

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