Image picker - which cells are populated

If you upload several pictures of the same item/product/hotel room, are the images saved automatically on the same row as the Maintenance image example in different new column cells 1/2/3?

I’m guessing that you think multiple images can be uploaded at once. As far as I know or seen you can only upload one at a time and they are linked to a row and column (a single spreadsheet cell). Does that answer your question?

Not quite. I wasn’t thinking about “many at once”, but more where the individual ones are listed in the sheet. So far, in the examples, it just shows one image in one cell.

I’m wondering whether Glide creates additional cells adjacent to the first.

That is correct, one image in one cell. You can have as many as you want in additional columns of a row. If you name them with a number after the base name, Glide will create a master column name that when used it will allow you to swipe the images. So if you have column titles Image1 Image2 Image3 etc. , when you put an image component in your app you can select a column called “Image”, which is a phantom column that combines the others with the same base name. But as I stated you can only upload a single image at a time to each of those Image1, Image2, … cells. Glide does not create any additional cells adjacent to the first one. You need to create these in your spreadsheet structure.

So you’d have to guess how many images people are going to upload in advance and prepare for that by building out the cells?

What happens when you are hit with n+1? Would the picker crash or just not allow any further images to be added?

I really should test it out but I’m too reliant on experts here.

If you expect a user to be adding many images you would store them in rows not columns. If you need to link them back to the user that uploaded them you would need to create a relation between the sheet with the rows of images back to the uploader.

Maybe if you were more specific on the use case I could advise you on how to structure the spreadsheet to accomplish the unknown in advance number of images someone would potentially upload.

Yes, rows for sure.

It’s not pressing for me at this time since I can only imagine people adding a half dozen images of products in use. But let’s say I was running a festival app and wanted thousands of attendees to submit pictures of the event. Then I can see a problem.

First of all, typically a Picker is assigned to a single column, so you can’t select more than one image. If you have a set maximum number of pictures, then you would have a picker for each column that represents a picture, so there is not way possible to upload more pictures into a single row, than there are columns available.

In your festival situation, then @George_B is right and you would need to capture each image into a row using a form button or an add button. I think the new LOOKUP with Multiple column would be perfect for this. That option would allow for a virtually unlimited list of images in a carousal. You would capture form responses in a sheet with some sort of value that can be used for a relation from another sheet. Then using a Lookup column, you can grab all of the images from the form responses sheet and use that lookup column for your image component. That way, there is no limit to how many pictures you can have.

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