Multiple images

Tell me please! How user uploading multiple photos at once! By the user, not the developer!!!

Not possible, one by one. Add as image pickers as necessary, depending on the number of images you want to display.

I know, this would be useful, especially for photographers, etc.

As @Christophe_HK mentioned, there’s no straight forward way to do this just yet.

In my Glidegram app, users can upload multiple photos if they select the option. Additional fields to add more images become visible as they upload a photo.


Your method is good too! Do not tell me how to repeat it ?!)))

Have “Image 1”, “Image 2”, “Image 3”, etc. in your sheet, ideally next to each other.

Then have boolean columns like “Image 2 needed?”, “Image 3 needed?” etc which stores the values from the form as Lisa showed above. Set visibility condition to only show Image 2 input when “Image 2 needed?” is true, etc.


I don’t think you would need the boolean columns. Just set visibility to show the next image picker component in the form when the previous one is not empty.


So how do you know exactly how many people want to upload photos? someone one, and someone 10 !!! Use block IF ELSE???

Just like what Jeff stated, set visibility of the next image entry based on the last one. If people do not need to upload more than 1 image then they just submit the entry and that’s done.

I understood this, I did not understand how many cells should be made in the table? After all, we don’t know how many photos the user needs to upload.

Either create the max amount of columns you think you’ll need, or use a form button to submit to a new sheet…like this…

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As @ThinhDinh and @Jeff_Hager suggested this is what I used to achieve the multiple image uploads. I used a boolean for the user to indicate if they want to upload more than one image. From then on, once the user uploads the second image, visibility kicks in to show additional image fields.