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I build an app that make employee add real estate properties , but I find a issue that I can’t upload more images only one which is not good , cause I need to upload or capture from camera at least 5 images for the real estate property , so please help with that

It’s not possible to upload multiple images using a single Image Picker component.
To add multiple images using a single form, you would need to add multiple Image Pickers, and direct each one at a separate column.


Hi Darren
thanks for your responding

If I use Java Code in data editor , is that solve the problem ?

You can create 5 image fields in the data editor.

In the form for the user, you can show image picker 1, and hide all the rest.
Then you can set visibility for image picker 2 to be visibile when image picker 1 is not empty
Image picker 3 will be visible if image picker 2 is not empty and so on until image picker 5.

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HI Thoughts

please can you show me example for this steps

In the Data Editor - create 5 fields for images and name them Photo1, Photo2, …, Photo 5.

In the form, add 5 Image pickers and connect each one to a field (So first image picker will save to Photo1, 2nd image picker will save to Photo2 etc).

Go to the 2nd image picker, and in the Visibility option set that it will be visible if Photo1 is not empty.
Go to the 3rd image picker, and in the Visibility option set that it will be visible if Photo2 is not empty.
Go to the 4th image picker, and in the Visibility option set that it will be visible if Photo3 is not empty.
Go to the 5th image picker, and in the Visibility option set that it will be visible if Photo4 is not empty.

This would kind of break if you have uploaded 5 images, then decided to clear image picker #4. The 5th image picker would then become invisible and you have to upload an image to the 4th to get the 5th back.

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I’ve used a slightly different method to do the same thing. If I recall correctly, I have 3 image pickers. I use the same method that @Thoughts outlined, but I also added a second OR condition to also show the picker if it’s not empty. I think I may have even gone further and set it up so all previous pickers will still show if any of the following pickers are not empty. So, for example, if pickers 1 and 2 are empty, but picker 3 is still filled, then both 1 and 2 will still show. Once picker 3 is cleared, then only picker 1 is visible and 2 and 3 are hidden. Just depends on how complex you want to make the visibility conditions.


So maybe set visibility to image picker4 to show if image picker 3 is not empty OR if image picker4 is not empty.

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Many thanks to you all , but still didn’t reach to my purpose
but yesterday I thought that I can solve this issue if I used Java code in glide , I think it will be good solution

If you’re referring to the JavaScript column, it processes input data and returns something for you. Curious on your idea on how to use it for this purpose?

In data editor , you can choose Code from Type option
The purpose to write code for uploading images like the code at any program
Im not programmer , but I will ask one to give me a hand in this idea

As I said above, I still don’t see how it would help your case.