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Hi, every now and then I would like our users to upload some photos so we can use them to showcase an event held.
At the moment, when someone uploads all is good however, when the next person uploads the original one is overwritten.
So my question is… is it possible to create a screen where multiple users can upload their images for us to collect?

Thank you, Jeanette

It seems like you’re trying to make the upload written only to 1 cell, or a user-specific one?

Catch the upload inside a form, every upload will have its own row. You can show all images by that way.

Hey @JMD

Are you doing a public or public with email app? I don’t know what you’re exactly trying to do, but here’s some tips:

Public app:

  • You could use a Form Button where you can use the Image Picker component and get some other informations, like name, email, etc…

This will help get images and each information one per row.

Public with email:

  • You can also use the same for public apps as I suggest here up, or;
  • If you use the “Users” tab (where you get the logins info as email, name, photo, etc), you can use a Detail screen and filter when Email is signed-in user. This way, you can use creativity to use the image picker in the screen or in form button as I mentioned before.

This will filter for each user when the person is logged in.

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Thank ThinhDinh

Didn’t think of using the form option. Will give that a try

Thanks, Jeanette

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Thanks Lucas

Yes, the App is public and I’m using the sign in option for other reasons.
I hadn’t thought to use the Form so will give that a try.

Thanks for your help, Jeanette

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