Image Picker issue

I’ve added the Image Picker to my App but it is dimmed so therefore, the user can’t upload an image.

Do they need to sign in?

I can see that in your video example there’s a ‘user input’ how do I add that?

Thank you, JD

Can you give us some screenshots of your settings?

Do you use row owner, or you haven’t added data to the row you want to use the image picker?

I haven’t added data to the row as I want the user to upload the photos they take at this event.

Thanks, JD

So do you have rows already on that DEW staff tab?

No, I have 2 columns
Name and photo

I want the staff to upload photos that they take on the day. Put their name and add the photo.

Jeanette Davies

Then you should use a form to write a new row I guess.

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Thank you, that worked.
Appreciate your support :slight_smile: