How to disable image picker

hai, i have a case for attendance apps

so i need to disable image picker but stil can input picture direct from camera
is that possible?

please reply

If you don’t want to use the image picket component, you can use the image component with the option “upload photo”. As a result, when clicking on the image, your users will be able to upload a photo from their own device galery or using their device camera, and won’ t be able to delete the the image.

Is it what you expect?

Are you saying that you want to keep multiple pictures for a given person? Meaning as proof that they attended a specific day, like them holding up the current days newspaper while standing in the classroom :slight_smile:

You would still need to use the image picker but collect the data on a form and save it off to an attendance sheet.

I think he means he only wants the ability to take photos on the fly with the camera and not upload from library. This doesn’t yet exist.

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There is no way for us to restrict the Image Picker to just the camera, but it’s an interesting option so we will look for it in case an API becomes available for it.

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thank you roberto,

yes i mean like this
because in attendace apps, actually they can’t take image from library

thanks david,

i’m happy to wait for this new feature :grinning: