Upload multiple files at once / UX Advice

Hi All,

Looking for an inspiration/advice on this topic.

What’s the best way (ie best UX) to allow the user to upload multiple images at once?
For sure, I can include multiple file pickers but that means many clicks (ie it’s not really uploading files at once).

Any idea?


Unfortunately, I do not know of a way to accomplish multiple uploads at once. But this would be a great feature.

I currently have multiple pickers. But only show the first picker. Then if someone uploads an image, show the second picker. Then if someone uploads a second image, show the third picker.

Not the best solution, I know…

But it does make for a cleaner look as opposed to the alternative of having a bunch of upload pickers.

You could set it up so that once the first upload is not empty it makes the 2nd visible and the 1st invisible and continue that path to as many as you need.

Thanks guys for your suggestions.
It’s cleaner for sure. I was trying to save the amount of back and forth (ie clicks) but we’ll do the best with what we can.

One way is to use an external service like cloudinary

Take a look



tried this and it works well in most cases but if someone decides they don’t want 1st or 2nd picture they uploaded, the other options will disappear if they delete it to re-upload. It can get a little clunky if you start messing with visibility conditions based on other uploads.

You just have to make the visibility set to anticipate stupidity. Build everything anticipating stupidity.

Yeah, doesn’t seem worth the effort in this case. I don’t allow a ton of images so the list of image pickers isn’t that long. I would also argue that this one isn’t an issue of anticipated stupidity.

Lol, I do this for vacation requests and Without doing it this way and anticipating stupidity it was a cluster f**k :grinning: