Can't upload photo with Image Picker

Hello, anybody knows if is there a problem in Glide?. I have a couple of apps that use the Image Picker component, but it stopped working, it only says “uploading” but it does nothing. in the Glide editor it works but in my phone it doesn’t. The problem is only in iOS and it doesn’t matter if the image is from my gallery or is a new photo it won’t upload.

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Isn’t the image too heavy?

Not really, I tried with different sizes. The problem is only in iOS, on Android phone there is no problem


Is this issue back, been trying to solve this for a week: photo upload failed

Have you reached the upload limit for your plan?

You can check this in the builder by hovering over the plan name in the upper right corner (next to the share button)

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You’re right, thank you!

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