I can't upload images in Glide

I don’t know what is happen. I’m trying to upload images to a category and nothings happens. Please help me!!! I share with you a video that shows the problem. Images doesn’t upload

Last week I did a test myself and had no problem loading images into a glide app.

Thanks for your help


Hola @Viviana_Arroyo

Have you checked if you reached the file storage limit?

Hi Santiago :wave:

Today I’m also experiencing this issue. When I upload a image through the Data Editor the loading icon is going but the image is not showing on the Data Editor and in the app.

Then I tried to upload a image through the app and then I checked the Data Editor and the image is there.

What could be the problem?

Thank you

Do you have a video of this?


Thanks for the video.

We are looking into this.


Thanks a lot Santiago and Dear Glide Team

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Same Issue Report:

I have this same problem and I checked my storage and I still have 9 GB left.


Same cant upload images. I checked storage still have over 9 GB

I have 10GB free espacio disponible


Engineering is looking into this. A fix will roll out soon.

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Thanks for the Update Santiago :+1:

I Hope this will be fix soon!

Thanks a lot!

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Oh yes. Thanks Glide Team and Santiago :+1: