Image picker being picky - does not load image upon 3 tries

See video for example. Image size was not the issue.

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Could you share this app please, tell us where that screen is, and the images that fail to upload?

@mark, I have the same sort of issue for a “Project list” app:
1- form to create a Project: detail of the project + image picker -> works ok for the 1st upload, but if delete the image to upload another one, it doesn’t work (the window to select the image opens, but the upload doesn’t run)
2- edit the Project: cannot upload image via the image picker
nb: cannot share the app, but video below

Mark, sorry for late reply. This happens to me regularly in GDE. Haven’t uploaded much in the app on my phone yet but still an issue for app maker while building. Images were compressed so not a size issue and as you can see from Video, image wasn’t corrupt-eventually loaded after I switched to different image, deleted and retried the one that would not load. Hope that helps. I only report after an issue repeats at least twice if not more. This happens to me at least once a day. Thanks!

@Deena Is this still happening?

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I haven’t been putting images in my app lately so I am not sure! I can just update here if it happens again. :blush:

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Hi @Mark, I have the issue when using my phone, I can pick the image, it loads for a bit and then the image “disappears” and I have to select it again. Here’s the app:

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We’re shipping changes today that should fix that.


Thank you @Mark