Issue : upload image

Hi all,

First of all I precise that I have already read the tuto and used the search bar from the forum to solve my issue.

I would like to let my users to upload their profile picture.

  1. From the user profile, it is possible to do it from the Glideapp editor but it is not from the app.
  2. Same issue with any component either by precising in the “Features” the action “Upload image” or with the “Edit” section by allowing all users to edit and consecutively modifying the picture part > Features > Upload image.

I have tested with all other action and that always work so it is not a matter of user right, it is especially an issue about the “Upload image” action.

Do you have any idea to solve this issue ?

Thank you all for your help.
Best regards,

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What happens when you try to upload an image?

Hi Jeff,

  • On my GlideApp Editor: I click on the camera and it opens the classic window (open a file) ;
  • On my Smartphone App (connected through a random profile) : I click on the camera and nothing happens.

What type of phone do you have (OS, Version, Browser version)? Have you tried on another device, or had somebody else try? I just changed a photo in my app and it worked fine. I’m running Android


@Jeff_Hager @Michael_A1 Micheal just to add to Jeff’s comments, I have just successfully added an image via upload on a glide app via apple iPhone running iOS 14.1


Xiaomi Redmi Note 5.

I have just used another device (Samsung Galaxy S6) and it works !
It must be a mistake linked to Xiaomi smartphones :S

Big thank you Jeff and Rosewebstudio for your help !
Have a nice day.