Upload image

Upload image action does not show in actions list?

It’s never been an action as far as I’m aware. There is an Image Picker component though.

Maybe you mean download?

Here is the sample to download the image from Glide to your device:

No, I mean this!


This is for the most powerful product of Glide… not for a poor imitation called Pages :wink:

But my app is Classic!

You have the most powerful product of Glde… and is it not there anymore? let me check

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It is still there… Nothing beats real Apps! :wink:
if Glide is ever going to sunset Clasic Apps… they will face so many lawsuits from all the customers that paid developers to create the App… plus users who paid for years for Glide Plans… so I will sleep well… not going to happen

It is missing by me!
2023-04-28 - 06-43-13 - AHN-Nerja-Test · Glide

hmmm… with the newly created App… or the existing app before they stop supporting?

Existing classic app on Starter plan!

Wow… was it there before? In this app…

No, I have never used this action before!

Ok… so you don’t have a legacy on this App… I’m so happy I have hundreds of old testing Apss lol… I’m gonna sell it like a hot bagels :wink:

I do not understand! This is a legacy app and I have now tested to find the upload action on my other legacy apps without success.

Just test it… is working for me…

Ahh, forgot about that option. Are trying to apply it to an image component, or something else?

Yes, I was trying to apply it to an image component!
I have now found out that the action does not show when the component points to an image column in the user profile!

Row owner? i have a fix for that :wink:

It should work. Some screenshots of how you are trying to set it up would probably be helpful.