No upload image from smartphone

Hi, i’m Fabio, and i have developed my first app with GlideApp, but i have this issue.
I can upload an image in one my item list from pc, instead i can’t do it from smartphone (xiaomi redmi7). When i click on “choose image” box on device, it doesn’t work, instead on pc it opens correctly an images folder.
So i have tought it is a denied permission in android phone, but i can’t find my app among installed apps to give permission.
I hope that the issue is clear.
Thanks in advance

Which browser are you using? Glide apps run on top of the browser, so that would most likely be where the permissions are coming from. Either the browser needs additional permissions, or the browser settings need to change for your app url, or you may be using an unsupported browser.

Thanks Jeff_Hager, i use an android browser, but the issue is solved, I have done somae updates to browser and again installed the app on my phone. It works well.

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