Getting lots of [compound] Action failed errors

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Getting several email for actions created some 3 or 4 months ago:

The action Actualizar cantidad final empacada y rebaja de inventario in the app FrescoMarePTY failed with the following error:

[compound] Action failed

How to replicate
Nothign to replicate, people are just using the app as usual. actions are 3 steps, update a value, notify about it and go to another tab.

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Does it say which part of the compound action failed? Have you looked at the action log in the builder for any clues?

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Yes, for some it’s executing the “Set values” step, which is the important one, but it is not executing the “Notification” and “Go to tab” steps.


It’s been reported internally at Glide and they are looking into it.


Thank, I’m still getting those.


I’ve gotten like 30 emails in the past 20 minutes about this error, anyone know if this is getting fixed soon?

Seems like action logs are missing some run steps. Investigation started on that as well.


Seeing this too. Glad to know the team is on it. Good luck to the glide team on a speedy fix - especially on the start of a weekend!!


Same here in one app, good luck to Glide team :grin:

As we prepare to release backend automations, we’ve improved our error reporting systems to be a lot more precise. This might mean that we’re now detecting errors that were previously silently ignored and may not even be important to you. They also may be erroneous errors :wink:

We’re looking into this now to see if we’re sending false positives and in the coming weeks we’ll roll out the ability to control or ignore error notifications.

Error notifications are only sent to admins of the team, so if you’re desperate to stop receiving them and you can’t filter them from your email inbox, you can make sure that you’re not an admin of your team.


I’m experiencing the same thing but when I investigate the action history log and check all the actions that should have taken place, I haven’t found any missed executions. It’s just that the log doesn’t list them and I received the email notification.

Exciting :wink:

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We have been experiencing the same in one of our apps too. Many thanks @David for the update and thorough answer - looking forward to the backend automations update! :grin:

i did read Daniels reply, but im still unsure…

is this happening because of the “else” condition inside the action is the end result?

All my actions are working as they should, but I’m still getting the email, and the logs all look good. and all the data is processed as it should within the action. But im getting these emails for multiple actions… so is this just a bug to be ingored… or could there be actually be an issue? It just started around 5 days ago, when this post was made, and ive only released my app a few weeks ago… so im fairly new here. , but from reading the replies, im still unsure of the issue for the ‘compound’ error… If its a bug…, i dont mind ignoring the error/emails, but i just want to fix any problems if they do indeed exist.

What actions do you use in your combo?

Backend automations!?!? I was thinking about this the other day. I’m excited to see it! Good luck with implementation @GlideTeam