Problem with downloading the template which I made

I don’t know why I shared the template and it doesn’t open for everyone. Only for me. What’s the catch?

Here is URL of my template:

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My App/Pages support link:

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Glide should hide that option… Is not fixed for a long time

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I don’t understand why it doesn’t work? And I noticed that the template I have in the store can be downloaded!
Does this mean that only accepted templates can be shared?
Is there an other alternative?

Last time I checked… you can’t install the Pages template… Classic Apps working good

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Thank you for this information

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You can manually transfer it… make a copy… click three dots, and transfer

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Yeah right. That’s how I did it before when I used Google Sheets. Now I was very careful to use only Glide tables so that I could publish the template. I need it for more people. I teach teachers about Glide in many workshops.
thanks anyway. At least now I know that it’s not a mistake and that I can’t count on it!

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