Pages template is not opening in Glide

After creating a template from Page, the shared link won’t copy/open in Glide… (I can preview the template), there is a black screen and no trace of the new template. Do I miss something?

I know it is pointless to report bugs, nobody responded to me for multiple bugs I reported over the past years… but just for you to know. :wink:

Yeah, it’s a known issue. It was supposedly being fixed a couple of months ago, but that fix never materialised. :man_shrugging:t3:

no way to push Pages without it… how you can work with customers??? you would have to make all templates from scratch, and charge so much $

so… I will stand my ground and repeat again… Pages Suks! LOL

I can’t imagine how Great Apps would be by now if they did not waste all the time and resources to create and improve Pages… ;-(