Template Glide

Hello, I’m trying to send a template from an App via Link to my team but the template doesn’t finish loading, it just keeps loading and with that my team can’t copy the template.
Has anyone ever experienced this?
What was the Solution?
Thank you, Fernando Oliveira.

Can you clarify more about this? What does it mean “via link”? Where did you get the template link originally?

Known issue/bug:


so that’s exactly what’s happening, I didn’t know about this Bug :disappointed_relieved::open_mouth:

It’s broken.

But, just to be clear that it’s the same bug, can you confirm that:

  • This is a Private Template, and
  • The person trying to copy the template is not the owner of the template

If both of the above are true, then it’s the same bug.
The workaround is to add the template owner as a member of the destination team, and the owner should then be able to copy the template into that team.

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