Identical filters after added row although "Split Value" Column is used for filtering

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Describe the bug:
When a user fills out a form, the values get added to a table. In this table, comma delimited values get split by comma into a “split column”. These splitted values are used in a filter in the app view.

However, whenever a new row is added to the table via a form input, an additional identical filter is added to the filter in the app.

Expected behavior:
The filter in the app should never change after new inputs to the table which is filtered.

How to replicate:

  1. Fill in form
  2. I manually copy and paste the row from one table to another (with “add new row” in the second table)
  3. Text gets split automatically
  4. The filter in the app interface shows a new, identical filter criteria.

Perhaps I’m not getting the full picture here of the problem. Can you insert a few screenshots? What is the “new, identical filter criteria” you’re mentioning here and how did you set it up?

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Hi ThinhDinh,

Sure, I struggled explaining it properly, sorry.

Image 1: I have a table with a filter. The filter is called “Ziele”.
Image 2: I pull the items for the filter from a split text column. The text to be split is taken by the column right next to it – a column with comma separated values.

To put it in context: all this information so far is in the main table i’m using for the app. In order to collect user data, however, I have a different table (“new entries”) so i can check entries from users before i add them to the main table.

Image 3: This is the table where new user entries are stored.

Now, from time to time i correct entries in the “new entries” table and then copy these entries to the main table.

Afterwards, the same filters are shown mutliple times (image 4).

Now if i copy the whole column in the main table and paste it at the same location again – the filter work as they should.

So my guess is that somehow the table doesn’t update automatically…

Does that make sense?

Ah, I know what’s going on. It’s because you are manually copying and pasting. There is currently an ongoing issue when you copy and paste text. Seems that the underlying Unicode for maybe the space character is different from what it would be when you type a space compared to when you copy/paste. The text looks identical, but it isn’t. Your best option is to manually type the text instead of using copy and paste until Glide fixes that issue.

Or you can pull that data using relations and Lookups which you might already be doing in another thread. Haven’t fully read that one yet.


Okay got it. Thanks for clarifying Jeff_Hager and have a great day.

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