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Hello all!

I have this situation: I have a table called “Episodes Raw” where I have information from a RSS. Also, I added a boolean check list option so the user can select which episode to get data from.

In this case, you can see the user selected 3 of the rows.

I need to bring those 3 rows with all data to another table to treat the data there. But when I try to do that (I’ve used several types of columns) I end up getting nothing or all the episodes in one row.

My perfect output would be the same columns as the table “episodes raw” filtered by the boolean “true” rows.

is that possible to achieve automatically?

thanks for the help!!

Perhaps a silly question, but why do you need to move the data to another table?

Why can’t you just work with it where it is, and apply approriate filters on the front end?

Thanks Darren,

for 2 reasons:

  • the google sheet table takes time to load all data, and I do not want to make it worse
  • This table is going to be temporary, so every day data will be removed, however, the results one is going to be stored for the user

Hope this makes sense. Please tell me otherwise! :slight_smile:


Okay, well to move (copy) multiple rows from one table to another in a single step would require using the Glide API.

If it’s only ever going to be a small number of rows, it would probably be easier to have the user click them one by one to move. You could even do that as the user is making the selections, so it becomes a single “select and move” option.

So for example, you could present the whole table as a Collection, then modify the default Item Click action and change it to a custom action with two steps. The first step would use an Add Row action to create a new row in your second table, using the column values from the selected row, and the second step would use a Set Column Values action that changes the boolean to true,

You could then filter your collection to only show rows where the boolean is not checked, which would have the effect of making the rows “disappear” as they were selected.

ok! I understand, I don’t have access to Glide API due to my plan, however I really like your alternative approach.

So, I will convert the checklist in a list with a button on each row so the user will be able to process each episode separately one by one, is that correct?

I think the approach is ok from the UX perspective, its a good balance, thanks!

Yes, that should work :+1:

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