Copy information from one sheet to another

I am working to move users from Googlesheet (GS) to Glide table (GT) to take advantage of the speed. I plan to copy user’s email from GS to GT and then do relations from there to take just the information I needed from GS.

I thought Add row might work, but could not find a way to do it. Kindly suggest other alternatives to complete this “simple” task.

Thank you.

Maybe this?


If you need to move a substantial amount of data then you could consider getting help from a robot


Nice and simple for me to handle. Thanks

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thanks @Krivo . My data still small so I will use Manu’s method.

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HI hi @Darren_Murphy

How about duplicating the whole row in the Source Table Row to a destination Table via google sheet, when a certain value say Confirm is shown in Destination Table?

The source table and destination table are in 2 separate Apps, and only way to link both is to use google sheet. As such any changes in source table will be updating in destination table as well.

We are using Arrayformula + Importrange + Query in Google Sheet, to get the row. But so far, manage to get only one row as Query does not work in Arrayformula (for a range)

Any good idea or advise?

Not exactly sure, but it sounds like you might be needing to use a filter formula.

@Eric_Penn might be a good one to advise on this, I know he does some pretty advanced filtering techniques on his projects.

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You should be able to combine Query with Importrange and return multiple rows. The syntax should look like…

=QUERY(IMPORTRANGE(“Spreadsheet_url”, “SourceTable!A2:F”), “Select * Where Col1=’Confirm’ “)

I’m a little confused how the confirmation process works. If I understand correctly I might use make/ zapier from the Destination table app to update a value in the source table. I’d create a new basic column in the Source table app and call it ‘Trigger’ then I’d write the value ‘Confirm’ to the Trigger column as needed.

Taking the example formula above we would return all rows that have the value ‘Confirm’ in the trigger column.

A tip with Importrange is always place your formula in row 2 and start your importrange from row 2 as well (ignoring the headers). Then use static headers in row 1 above your formula.

We do this because sometimes when importrange formula is recalculating the headers may disappear momentarily causing sync issues with Glide. Using static headers ignores this problem altogether.


Thanks for your reply…

Yes we use a trigger inserting the desired ID into the first column while a query in the second column shows the result

ARRAYFORMULA(IF(ISBLANK(A2:A)," “,QUERY(IMPORTRANGE(“XXXX!A4:AY”),“Select * where Col1 Matches “&ArrayFormula(”'”&textjoin(”.|“,1,”.“&filter(A2:A,A2:A<>”“))&”.*'")

Copy and paste the above from another site and i works!

Thanks for @Darren_Murphy @Eric_Penn your replies and effort!

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