Problem using data filteration

while filtering the data, I am using when user name in Users is Manager’s Name then filter data but the filter is not working. User name Is text column and when I use it in the sheet the manager’s name is also text column so, when I apply the condition: filter data when user name is Manager’s Name. It is not working.

Do you have screenshots of the data and configuration? Are there any spaces in the user name or manager name?


Also, did you copy paste the data between some columns at some point? That may cause an issue with a bug that has been around for the past weeks.


I think this must be resolved @david because at our end we can not fill the each cell manually. It would be so hectic.

Clarify Your Filtering Criteria:
Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the criteria you want to use for data filtration. Define the specific attributes, fields, and values you want to filter by.

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But can you show us your configurations so we can help further?

I resolved this issue it can be because of the bug in Glide application.