I have a bug with the filter data

I did a video so you can see what I’m talking about, but in simple words, when I filtered the data of my Glide App, it doesn’t filter some users data

Do you have any visibility conditions for the components on the screen?

No, only filter data

Does the app contain much sensitive info? If not, can you invite one of the mods/experts to the team to help troubleshooting this?

sorry, did you publish app before?

other think:

  1. if your user table have a row owner - you don’t need to use filter atall.

  2. show your information about shown table( with 5 position). where from it take information.

Yes I can invite! No problem. Give me the email and I invite from the admin panel? (go.glideapps.com)

Can you check if your email in the email column has any extra spaces before or after the email address. Or maybe any extra characters, such as a single quote ' before the email.

Just sent you a private message.

@Tincho_Stuch is this only not working in the real app? I can see the numbers in the builder.

Hola Tincho!

I think I had a similar problem time ago and the cause was when I started using/collecting anonymous emails and later real emails.

The same user had 2 kind of emails and Glide always chose the anonymous email because it was the first used (logged in User table).
May you delete your old User and/or Log In table and test again with new data to test this workaround?

Saludos, feliz día!


Yes, the bugs can only see it in the real app, in the builder is all correct…

Maybe you can try @gvalero 's approach to see if it helps.

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