Data mirroring (App data & excel sheet)

I am facing a new issue where the data mirroring between my sheet and my app is not working properly.
I was trying to create a visibility filter to choose which data should be shown by using the word " TRUE" in my sheet, but this did not work properly. after some investigation, I found the data in the app is not mirrored properly as the shown word in the glide data is “WAHR”

Does anyone know what is exactly going on?


I tried the same filter function with the different columns but never worked, and I guess is for the same reason, and seems the app is not reading words properly in this function.


Try changing the column type in the Glide Data Editor to Boolean.

I suspect this should fix it, as he possibly has a language setting on. Good catch!

I tried to change the column type to Boolean.
but this didn’t solve the problem as shown below.
Am I supposed to tick all cells manually?
I thought it should read from the original sheet when writing “TRUE” ? unless I am missing something here

You might need to re-sync. If that doesn’t work, try checking a few of them inside the Data Editor and see what happens.

Just as an aside, your second screen shot shows that you are applying a visibility condition where I suspect you might need a filter instead. With the way you have that setup, your list will only be visible if the Approved value in the very first row is checked. Is that really what you want?

If you want to filter the list so only those that are “true” are shown, then you should use a filter. Also, instead of testing for “true”, a better approach is to test for “is checked”.


I took your advice and it has solved the problem. THANKS !
Seems I was doing something wrong.

however, in the data editor, the cells are not checked although the items are shown in the app.
But this is not a problem at all… just a comment.

That’s a bit odd, and doesn’t sound right.
It looks like there are more rows in the table than are shown in your screen shot. If you scroll down in the Data Editor, are any of them checked?

If it helps any debugging purpose here, “WAHR” means “TRUE” in German. I suspect there’s some language problem here on the Excel/Sheets side.