Lookup Multiple Values from One Cell / Many-to-Many Relation

Hi all,

I’m somehow confused with the “Relation” between two tables.

This is the situation:

  • I have multiple “Split” values in relevant cells of the “agency” table. (“SEO”, “SEA”, “Google Ads”)
  • I have another table “services” that matches single values like “SEO” to it’s respective HTML value (e.g., <span style="stylisch html code">SEO</span>)

What I wanted to achieve:

  • I tried to create a “Match Multiple” Relation from the agency table to the services table in order to get the styled elements via a lookup column to my agency table.
  • The result looks like this (image 1). As you can see, the relation is incorrect.

What I’ve tried so far:

  • I’ve played around with different columns (lookup, query, relation, split, array) - nothing seems to fix the data retreival from the services table.

I guess I’ve got something wrong with the relation logic, but I can’t figure out what…Do you guys have any idea how i can convert the .csv data to multiple styled elements in an automated way without a for-loop?


Start with a multiple relation in the first table that matches the split text column with the service name in the second table, then use a Joined List column to fetch the related HTML snippets (through the relation).

You will probably want to remove the default comma separator from the joined list column.

Hi Darren,

Thanks for replying.

Did I get that correctly:

  1. Relation column in the agency table, match split text to services in the services table. Activate match mutliple
  2. Use a lookup column and then create a joined list with all the code values

No, you don’t need a lookup column. Just a relation and a joined list.

But, is this a continuation from yesterday? If it is, you could just use the JavaScript that Jeff provided and point it at the original list.


Hi Darren_Murphy,

You helped me find the solution! But not the way I expected, cause what you just mentioned was exactly the way I’ve tried it.

However, the thing is, that if I refer to split value columns subsequently, the glide app does something weird (or at least I don’t get it).

It only ever uses the split values correctly if I copy a whole column and paste it at the same place again. On the bottom I can always see an “updateing” indicator. (This worked, however!) :slight_smile:

So I guess glide just doesn’t refresh data when a new column is added?

It’s exactly the same issue with filters:

Anyhow, thanks for your help and if you know if there is a way to automatically update a table after a column has changed / calculated something then please lemme know.

Yes, exactly. The pills worked perfect. But what do you mean by “point to the javascript” is there a way to use JS?



Might be related.


@Raphael_Aebersold - something else I just noticed. See below:

You called that column “template”, but it’s a basic text column, which suggests to me that you added the values for all rows by copy/pasting, yes?

That’s way, way more work than you need to be doing. What you should be doing there is using an actual template column. Then you configure it once, and it’s automagically applied to all rows - even new rows that get added.

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