Extensive Data Missing and New Rows Not Saving

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Team ID:
Glide (glideapps.com)

App ID:
Distiller · Glide (glideapps.com)

Huge amounts of data are missing from my app, including every new row this year from one of the tables (Jars Output), 100+ seemingly random rows from another table (Bottles), and an extensive range of other entries.

In addition to this missing data, no new rows are saving, and I am in the middle of using this app.

How to replicate
N/A for missing data.
For failure to save new rows - Under the ‘Runs’ tab, going to ‘Apple’, ‘Spirit Run’, ‘Record Jar’, entering the Jar info, then hitting submit. Then, when the app is refreshed, the Jar entry is missing from both the ‘Jars Output’ table, and the list collection that is supposed to be displaying it.

Which plan are you on, and is it a Legacy or New plan?
How many total rows does the usage page say your app is using?

The team that the app is in was previously on a Legacy - Starter plan, and I changed it over to a New - Free plan some months ago, and it was working fine. Usage page says 871 rows.

Ok, so that rules out being over any row limit. I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head. Maybe someone else has an idea.

Thanks for trying man. Yeah I hope so. I’m going to be so gutted if I’ve lost all of this work…

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Do you store your data in Google Sheets, Glide Tables or somewhere else?

None of your data is missing, but when you downgraded you went back to a legacy free plan, which is limited to 500 rows per app, so the front end won’t load all of your data. I’ve asked our engineers to figure out why you’re not on the newest version of the free plan, which doesn’t have these limits, but you’re definitely not on the new version of the free plan.

If you want a quick solution, just make a new team, which will definitely be on the new free plan. Copy your app and move a copy of the app to the new free team, and you’ll see all of the data.


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