User email address unable to access app

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Users who should be able to log on, ie their email address should grant them access and/or admin capacity, are not able to log on

How to replicate
When the user enters their email address, they receive the following error message:
“The email address doesn’t have access to this app. Please try another.”

Is this app using the Free or Maker plan? These plans only allow users with personal email addresses like Gmail or education addresses to sign in. Users using custom domains or business domains are not allowed to sign in on these plans. You can learn more about Personal Users in the docs.

Thank you for the response. It is a free nonprofit plan, but we have had no trouble with users from other orgs with similar email addresses signing in!

Hi @katyb — if this is a free plan, you are limited to 10 personal users.

Actually, this is my mistake! We are on a Maker Plan.

Have you tried this email address in the Validator tool?

If you think this address should be flagged as personal, you can submit a request through this form and it will be reviewed by the Glide team.


Thank you @kyleheney ! This may be it. I’m working with a number of nonprofits who don’t show up as validated.

Do you know how long the validation process takes, or whether they’ll email me when the addresses are validated?

@NoCodeAndy Do you have any info on this? Thank you.

Thanks for the tag, @ThinhDinh!

@katyb - Sending you a DM.

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