Email Address Doesn’t Have Access to App (Maker plan)

I’ve looked at defferent posts but could not solve the issue. current situation:
access: private
users: users table

i do have the emails in the table. through the invite link on the email, it automatically logged in. but i was not able to log in by typing email address in the log in screen.

If you can reproduce it, please submit a ticket. Thank you!

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Thank you for the reply,
However, I am on maker plan so I cannot create a support ticket.
I have tried several attempts and still have no success with this issue.

Does the email pass this validator?


the email did not verify

If you think it should qualify as personal, you can click on the “Request Domain” button.


Only Personal emails are allowed on the Free and Maker plans.


Thank you for clarifying!

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where is the Request Domain button?

They are personal and when I use the validator, they validate just fine. Where can I find the Request Domain button?

If it’s validating as personal, then there is nothing to request. Is your app configured as a private app? Are you only whitelisting certain users?

Which plan are you on?

I’m on the Maker plan. We are a church and we’ve built a church directory. Everyone in the directory needs access. Right now there are about 190 people who need access. I was about to launch the app and invite everyone to login today. I was working fine until tonight… I tried to have a few people test out creating their login and it doesn’t like any of their email addresses.

What kind of email domains are they using?

Also can you answer these questions?

I am not whitelisting any users. We are however filtering what data is shown (visibility). I don’t think it is configured as a private app… how would I check that?

Looks like it has changed and has morphed into a generic “Give Feedback” button. You can use that.

You’ll see it after checking an email address. (thanks Jeff for the correction).


The button is still there, but you first have to check an email by validating it first. Type a business email or a bogus email with a made up domain and you will see it.


all different kinds of emails… this is just a member directory with whatever contact info they submitted

If an email is not a personal email, then it will be blocked. I don’t know what domains you are using, so it’s hard to say if they are personal or business emails. You say that they passed the validator, so that shouldn’t be the issue. You also say that your app is not private, but I would double check.

I think I’m not understanding about the domains… why can the end user only use a personal email to use the app?