"The email address doesn't have access to the app" random login error

I have two apps on the new Maker plan. Both apps are not allowing certain users to log in - I suspect it is only custom gmail domains that are having the issue as this is the only way I have been able to replicate it. Privacy settings are public with required sign in and other users are managing to sign in.

Having the same issue with two different apps - my only two apps on the new Maker plan.

I just changed a different app to the new Maker plan from a Legacy pro plan to test whether the plan was significant. Immediately before changing the plan I could log in with the custom domain email address. Sure enough, changing it to Maker plan means I can no longer log in with that address. So there is something up with the way users are being authenticated on the new plan.

One of the apps is a Classic app and the other is a new app so the type of app is not significant.

Screen recording: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Any ideas?

Most likely your custom domain doesn’t qualify as a personal email address. You can check that below:

Wait, so anything other than a basic gmail address won’t allow people to log in at all? I tested this on my school account (I have apps for our school community, anybody on my school domain will use their school address to log in, rendering the app basically unusable) - many schools use google for their custom domains - and they don’t count as an educational top-level domain???

You can read more about how Glide define personal users here.

If one or more of your users domains are not recognised as personal and you think they should be, you can use the feedback tool on the validator page. I believe that Glide currently have a list of about 5000 domains that are considered personal, but this is expanding based on user feedback.

Thanks Darren, I have submitted feedback (and put a note on my sign in screens!)

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