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Hi, I’m having what seems like quite a strange issue. So, I have made an order managing app where customers can place orders and so on. I recently switched from a free plan to a maker plan because I really wanted the integrations. But now it seems that the users with a business email can’t log in anymore, though they could before without any issues at all. Everything in the privacy setting is set up correctly, and I’m left quite confused as to what happened. I can see in the documentation that the maker plan doesn’t allow business emails, but neither does the free plan supposedly. So why am I facing this problem now?

The Maker plan only allows for personal emails.
If it worked for you before you upgraded, that probably means you were on an older legacy plan that has a different set of limitations.


I see i definitley missed the legacy plan thing well i guess thats my own fault then thank you for your quick answer and helpful response

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