Login bug

I just upgrade to Maker plan from Legacy Starter and after the upgrade, the app stopped to let me login.

I set it the as private with allowed domains list but it doesn’t work properly: I get an error message that my email is not valid for my app

Please I need to restore the app and allowed to login to my users

Looking forward for someone could support me asap
Thank you

The Maker plan only allows logins from personal email domains. You can check if yours is personal using the link below:

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hi @Darren_Murphy ,
what does it means? why I can’t use my work email?
This is not really clear before to upgrade the app to the maker plan

More information below:

Before switching plans, you really need to understand what the plans offer and how they compare to existing plans you may have, before making the switch. Legacy plans and New plans each have their strengths and weaknesses, so you need to understand if a plan fits your usage before committing. There are important differences.

Usually I recommend to create a new team folder under a different plan and either transfer your app or copy a duplicate of it. That way you always have your old plan to fall back on if the new plan doesn’t meet your needs.

The new Maker plan offers one published app, unlimited personal users, more rows, unlimited updates on glide tables, but less updates overall.

The Legacy Starter plan offers more published apps, cheaper cost, limited users of any type, less rows, but more updates.

There are also other differences, but those are the big ones.

(From the pricing page)

New Plans:

Legacy Plans:

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hi @Jeff_Hager ,
thank you for your quick explanation, but I made a huge mistake now and I would like to downgrade back to Legacy Starter.

I upgrade only because I had only 15 private user but unlimited pubblic user and I set the app as private with allowed domains list and all the users was acquired as private

so now I don’t know how I get back online

That is something you would have to take up with Glide. Typically when you move away from a legacy plan, there is no way to go back. I honestly don’t know if they would make an exception in your case or not.

I guess you can attempt to send a ticket or a billing inquiry, but I don’t know if the result will be favorable.