The email address doesn’t have access to this app

Hello Glide community,
unfortunately I have the problem that I can only log in with gmail or gmx email addresses.

No other domains will work.

The “preferred” settings of the APP…
ACCESS → Private
USERS → Users table

Users & Authentication:
Pin emails from Glide → “active” + checkbox checked

The only way that works is if ACCESS REQUESTS under Users & … is enabled. But then I have to manually approve the login every single time. :sob:

I tried all the other options too. Be it allowed email domains with: @name.tld or using a self-created table that has more than 3 columns. etc…
Also I tried registering a new account and create a new standard APP (from the initial 9step process…) same problem.

Hopefully you can help me.

Thank you

Which plan are you on?

Free :cry:

Only personal email addresses are allowed on the Free and Maker plans.

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